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We have a complete portfolio of products that helps our customers to become more agile and efficient. Vega supplies products in Business Planning & Management (Layer 4 in ANSI/ISA-95) and in Manufacturing Operations Management (Layer 3 in ANSI/ISA-95).


Business Planning
& Management

Vega’s simpliWORKS suite of products helps Small and Medium manufacturing enterprises to run their business operations effectively and efficiently.
Using leading technology and concepts like .NET, JAVA, Cloud, Microservices and more, Vega has ensured that the product suite is very modular to help incrementally digitalize the business operations domains.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Asset Management

The equipment in any industry are their key assets. Equipment has their life and need proactive maintenance to keep them healthy and achieve maximum up time. This application is used to customize and implement asset management programs that helps an enterprise to optimize costs related to owning, operating and servicing assets. It also enables organizations to identify relations between asset performance, lifecycle costs, maintenance, repairs, replacements and capital helping in overall planning activity.

Centralised Maintenance Management System

A system that organises Predictive and Proactive maintenance. The scheduler with Job Order creation, document manager and spares inventory tracker. It helps to manage the maintenance program for vital assets. The application assists maintenance managers in scheduling and running repairs and preventive maintenance tasks, monitor related work order progress in real-time and ensure regulatory compliance where required. The app can be interfaced with higher level Office and Factory Automation system.

Material Tracking System

Vega helps you bridge the gap between Planning & Scheduling and actual Production execution through its Material Tracking integrated solution. Whether its about tracking in a Steel Bars manufacturing from melting to bundling, in a Steel Castings manufacturer from melting to final casting, in a Paper Packaging industry paper roll tracking from material inwards to final paper rolls shipment, Vega’s Material Tracking application integrates its own and 3rd party products / devices / software, interfaces with existing automation and machines, enables transfer of data with ERP and provides necessary reports. This helps realise vision of Digitalization and Industry 4.0.

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