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We connect data, people, processes, services, systems and assets to carry out digital transformation of manufacturing to enable generation and utilisation of information that is actionable to improve decision making process, and bring in efficiency.
We are a leading Industrial Connected Solutions provider that helps enterprises make their manufacturing business more competitive by automating their processes. We convert art of bringing efficiency in managing and operating your enterprise into a science.

          Why us?

We are a right mix of industry know-how, experienced team, drive for innovation, R&D expertise.

Exhibited Industry application
know-how with domain


Technical team with exhibited experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, implementation and support

Key focus on innovation and continuous improvement

Supported by strong R&D expertise

       Our Mission

Provide solutions that helps customers in manufacturing industry to remain innovative and competitive through optimal use of available technology.

Its Problem Solving          approach


Localization of                  solution

Alignment with customer’s business priorities

Our family

We are part of Vega Group which has focus on Industrial Automation through its companies.


Vega Controls Pvt. Ltd. 

During last more than 2 decades has established itself as a leading Industrial and Process Automation Solution Provider. A leader in Steel Industry Automation.


Orion Drives and Machines Pvt. Ltd. 

Augments Vega Control with industrial services capability


Avior Control Systems Pvt. Ltd.

A leader in Mechatronic solutions to augment group’s companies efforts to provide end to end solutions.


Vega Innovations and Technoconsultants Pvt. Ltd.

That’s us! Provider of end to end ICT solutions for bridging gap between shop floor and top floor. ICT Products led solutions and services.


VirGo Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

A start-up focussed on hosted solution to bring instant expertise at manufacturing site using AR/VR technologies.

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