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Bring efficiency and visibility into all aspects of your manufacturing enterprise using Digital Solutions for Sales, Business, Manufacturing and Dispatch operations.

End to end solutions for manufacturing enterprises to achieve OT to IT integration.

Vega Innovations & Technoconsultants Pvt. Ltd. support its manufacturing customers to leverage convergence of OT (Operational Technology) and ICT (Information & Communications Technology). It helps these industries in Digital Transformation using INDUSTRY 4.0 vision for productivity improvement and optimisation through offerings of end to end ICT based automation solutions, leveraging platform technologies right from Sensors, Process and Machine Automation, Cloud, Big Data / Analytics and accelerators such as IIOT; and driving convergence processes, Machine automation, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Machine learning. The information thus collected is utilised by various systems to support Management Functions, Enterprise Resource Plan and Manufacturing Operations.


Support Business Operations and Manufacturing Operations


End to end OT-IT integration projects

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